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Corporate Responsibility

Health, Safety, Welfare and Environment

At LJR Engineering Project Services Ltd, our primary aim is to maintain and further develop a first-class health and safety culture across our organisation and supply chain. We are fully committed to a positive and pro-active approach to health and safety, which forms a integral part of our business strategy and operating methods.


Equality and Inclusion

LJR Engineering Project Services Ltd is committed to encouraging equality, diversity and inclusion amongst our workforce and supply chain. We aim for each employee to feel truly respected and trusted, creating an environment to enable them to develop and produce their best work. LJR Engineering Project Services Ltd, in providing its services, are committed against unlawful discrimination in all forms of its customers, employees or general public.

Quality and Business Processes

LJR Engineering Project Services Ltd is committed to providing defect-free products and services to its clients, on time and within budget. We operate and maintain a Quality Management System that has gained ISO:9001:2015 certification to ensure we maintain excellence across all aspects of our organisation.